GMC Suburban school bus

Published on April 29th, 2009

white balanced original raw file

White balanced original raw file

After driving around for a little while in my Jeep…testing the off-road trails so to speak I was lucky enough to have my camera with me. I carry it around as much as possible. You never know what you may come upon when traveling.

I was driving down a county road near Minden and took a side road, a road that I have driven a few times before, and there right on the right-hand side of the road was an old derelict school bus. I have narrowed down the year to about a 50-53 GMC Suburban. I stopped and took out my camera and tripod and shot a series of photos. I wanted to make an HDR (High Dynamic Range) photograph of the subject. I finished the photo shoot and went along with my driving. I later downloaded the images and started experimenting with the HDR program I have loaded on my iMac.

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HDR processed image 1

I produced one image but when I zoomed in I could see some chromatic aberrations that I wasn’t too pleased with. So I went back to the raw images and edited them all for fringing and aberrations and also edited white balance and a few other tweaks here and there. I then opened them up and using “saved as” I saved them all as TIFF files. I then re-done the image and it turned out the same…but with little to no aberration issues. After saving the image file I did some editing using curves in Photoshop CS4 and the finished results are shown here.

The two processed images are different as you can see. This is done using Photomatix Pro and adjusting the “Light Smoothing” tool in the software. Which version do you prefer?

HDR processed image 2

HDR processed image 2

The program if you are interested in trying your hand at producing HDR images I suggest HDR Soft’s program Photomatix Pro. This program does excellent results and most cases I find outdoes Adobe Photoshop. The program is for sale but the price is worth it. If you download the free program it places a watermark in your processed image. Another good site for how to produce an HDR image is found at This site has many articles for you to read through including the HDR article. It’s well worth the visit.

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