A new instructional DVD for my collection!

Published on June 16th, 2009

Back at the old grindstone! Well I have to say I am glad I spent the $49 USD plus UPS shipping for the instructional DVD from Ben Willmore’s corporate site Digital Mastery. I have to say it was very informational and I learned more than just by reading alone. I was lucky enough last year to see Ben at The Photoshop CS3 for Photographers seminar tour last year in Toronto, Ontario. The seminar was produced by Kelbytraining.

Well after watching the DVD I bought, I decided to give some of the newly acquired information a try. Wish I knew that Photoshop could do some of the things described in the video before editing all those photos before-hand. Oh well. Nothing like re-visiting some previous work to get the best out of the images as possible. I like to get the best out of an image as I can before posting the photographs and images online. Of course though, nothing is really truly finished….so they say.

1970 VW Squareback

A 1970 VW Squareback

I have one brand new image so far on the Landscape Gallery of an old station wagon. This is the first fresh image I decided to try of the new ways of doing an illustrative HDR look that I just had to try, and I loved it. I like the old, dirty grungy look of this image and will be producing more like these in the near future.

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