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Published on October 22nd, 2009

So I got a very big surprise when I got home tonight. I turned on my computer and signed into the Photo-Club section on the Canadian Geographic website. I was checking up on my photos to see if there were any new comments. There were but one comment caught my eye on my Juvenile Common Loon photo. It read:

Congratulations….for the superb shot and for being chosen as “Editors Pick” by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. Great Image!

I read it again….then again. I was a little baffled. The site is not National Geographic but Canadian Geographic. Then I remembered and clued into what the guy meant. I had uploaded the photo to Your Shot on National Geographic’s website. Once a month anyone can upload a photograph that they think is top notch. If the editor picks the photo it will appear in the Daily Dozen. Once there the photos get voted on until the end of the month. Well in this case everyone has till November 1st to vote. Once all votes are in a couple photos are picked and then published in National geographic magazine!

OMG I thought. A picture was actually picked! So go vote for your favorite photograph. Goto National Geographic’s Voting Machine and vote!BI-00574 Juvenile Common Loon, Lake Opeongo, Algonquin Provincial Park

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