Framing…Learning How

Published on October 30th, 2009

So after about three weeks, usually about a day each week, I have been learning how to frame artwork. I have been getting this one-on-one lesson by professional framer Bryan at Melbryan House in Minden, Ontario. Bryan has a wealth of information and I am happy that he is sharing it with me. I get my framing done by Bryan and he is I say one of the best if not THE best in this area for framing.

So far I have sealed the back of the frames with kraft paper to keep dust and bugs out and artwork in, screw in the eyes for the hanging wire and then finished up the frames with filling nail holes and any other imperfections then stapling to the back of the frames protective covers. I was also more recently taught this week how to cut mat board. It’s quite the involved process but very rewarding when you get the final product!

I framed my own print I had bought for myself of a sailing ship from Discovery Harbour. I picked out and cut the mats for the prints then once I picked the frame Bryan went and cut those for me. He has yet to show me that process. One little step at a time.

Once the glass and the mats and backing board was placed into the frame and secured with special staples, I closed up the back with kraft paper then added the eyes and wire. Once the I filled the holes I then folded and stapled on protective pieces of cardboard for the corners. The final picture is very wonderful.

The whole idea of Bryan showing me how to do framing is for one day me to start framing my own prints and possibly anyone else’s that want their artwork framed. I believe this will be of great benefit to me and my photography as then I can just do my own framing and make it easier for customers to pick what they want for mat colours and frames. Also this will be cheaper alternative for customers getting their framing done in the city as this can be very expensive.

I will keep you all apprised on how I am coming along with the learning process, until then check back and hope someday I will be framing for you!

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