Print…er Issues

Published on October 24th, 2009

So as I mentioned before, there was a bit of a printing issue. Well it has been worked out. IT’S THE PRINTER. sigh

So after going through five sheets of 13×19 inch paper I have narrowed it down to either the software or printer. I tried printing another photo that I knew didn’t have the cyan coloured line in it and look at that. A cyan coloured line. So what would be causing that to show up?

So I get on the phone with Henry’s Camera in Oshawa where I bought the printer. Well I go through the spiel with the rep and he tells me that yes I do still have warranty (can’t find my receipt). So he tells me before bringing the printer down to the store to call Canon technical support before making the trip down. Well someone failed to mention that Canon is only open Mondays to Fridays. Go figure. I call Henry’s back to double check closing time and I race down.

I arrive and bring the printer into the store. The store actually got a little quieter when I walked in. Maybe the fact that I was bringing something back that didn’t work and maybe looked a little disgruntled? Anyways, I put the printer on the counter and wait for a rep to come. A nice young lady came over who was a supervisor which was good. I didn’t want to talk to anyone else who wasn’t in some sort of managerial position.

So we bring the printer over to the returns desk and she prints out the warranty copy and also starts to type up a work order. I had brought the two different prints down to show her the coloured line and she was baffled why it would do that. She loved the photo though.

Then another store rep came over and noticed something about my print. The printer wasn’t using the proper black for darker areas. It was using a matte black on a semi-gloss paper when it should be using a photo black that is more glossy. Hmm something else for Canon to try and figure out.

So after everything is said and done, I ask about getting a loaner printer. She say’s
“Sorry we don’t loan out printers. You can outsource it though.” Well I am not outsourcing my printing. Too costly I have found and I don’t get the same results every time I go back. So I ask her about what the ETA would be on the final result of the printer being fixed. She tells me maybe 4 – 8 weeks. Whatever Canon tells them. Well now, what am I to do until then? She says sorry but that’s all she can do.

Well to add to this monkey wrench in the works, I told her this is my second printer as the last one was replaced for not reading the cartridges properly. I bet they don’t have that on their system as that was manufacturer’s warranty there. Three times returned and you get a whole new printer. That’s their return policy. Well lets hope it craps out soon the next time and maybe I will switch to Epson! Then I can actually print my own panoramas!!

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