Printing Issues…grrr

Published on October 20th, 2009

So after getting home from driving school bus I went to print up an order for the juvenile common loon picture. A customer wants a 12×18 image print of the loon. So I load the paper and get the image ready for printing on Photoshop. Now I have been printing today already so there should be no problem, right?

So I push the print button and wait the few minutes it takes to print a large image on my Canon PIXMA Pro9500 printer. The only cartridge that is running low is green and so far so good the printer has not stopped and wanted it replaced. Good thing too I don’t have a spare, yet. It’s on order.

So after the beautiful image prints….EGAD! What is that on the right hand side of the print?!? A light one inch wide cyan coloured line running from top to bottom. The rest of the print looks good but that one section. Hmmm. I go run a cleaning cycle to make sure the heads are clean and let it do it’s thing and I go and grab dinner.

So now it’s after dinner and I go to try to print another 12×18 image. Oh what’s this? The printer say I am now out of green. Well darn it all. I guess I am waiting for Mr. Delivery Man.

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