Still looking for that elusive moose…

Published on October 27th, 2009

A person may think going to Algonquin Provincial Park is going to guarantee them a Moose sighting. Well, that is always not the case. Most of the time one will not see a moose at all let alone any interesting wildlife like Otters, Deer and Martens. Everyone else sees them, just not me. Yet!

An inquisitive Eastern Chipmunk with it's cheeks full.

An inquisitive Eastern Chipmunk with it's cheeks full.

I went up for a drive to the park on Sunday over the weekend and once again it was a bust for Moose. Not one sighting at all. There was, however, after visiting the West Gate a Pine Marten sighting over near Costello Lake which is on the way up towards Lake Opeongo. Of course by the time I drove by, there was no Marten in sight. I wonder if they are laughing at me from the safety of the pine trees and just shaking their heads. I do know that the Gray Jays and Chipmunks grace me with their presence…or is it the free bird seed that I have in the back of my Jeep that they want? And today was brought to you by the word “spoiled” and the number “0”.

While up in the Park at Lake Opeongo I met up with another photographer from Stratford, Ontario. We got to talking after he was done shooting Gulls from the docks in front of the Opeongo Store. He asked what I was up to and I told him I was on a search for Moose and watching the Loons out in the bay. I told him that one loon picture of mine was submitted and chosen as Editors Pick by National Geographic. That’s when he showed me a photo book full of submissions from Getty Images. Some of the images were his as he has worked with Getty and also National Geographic. He was telling me where to look for some Moose and I am sure to check it out the next time I am up to the Park.

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