Fall 2010 Exhibition

Published on November 9th, 2009

Machine Shop, Old Standard Chemical Plant, Donald, Ontario
Coming next fall in November 2010, I will be conducting an exhibition in the Member’s section of the Rails End Gallery featuring “Landmarks of Haliburton County.” The exhibition will showcase 10 – 12 pieces of photographic black and white prints. Stay tuned for further information as it comes out, I will post it here.

Landmarks of Haliburton County

The Landmarks of Haliburton County have been around for quite a long time. While some are fairly well kept and taken care of ensuring their future, others are not so lucky. They are slowly but surely fading away into memory while some may already be forgotten. Here, I have taken images from around the County to show you what these landmarks currently look like today and for you to remember and dream of a time long gone, but not forgotten.

St Peters Church

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