A new gallery coming soon…

Published on February 11th, 2010

For a while now I have been adding a photo here and a photo there to my website. The Gallery has served it’s purpose for a time, but now as more and more photographs are added the three column list is getting longer and longer. I long to have a gallery that is organized.

Well I believe we (my web designer Kevin HumphriesHumphrey) has found a cool little program to add with WordPress. That plugin is zenPhoto. Now it won’t be tomorrow when I get this up and running but hopefully soon. There is a lot to learn about this new gallery program and as for me, it seems to be all french to me. I don’t know squat about CSS coding and the like but for the most part the programming seems to be more into WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).

Getting the gallery the way I want it to look will take some time for sure but in the end everything will be better organized into categories and should be easier to find photos by using a search form. I don’t know if we will use zenPhoto 100% yet as we are still sporting the idea about using the beast Coppermine, which almost practically does everything but harder to use and code. Wish us luck and hope to see a new gallery in the near future!

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