Spring is here!

Published on April 8th, 2010

Removing varnish using bio-degradable varnish remover.

So spring is here finally here but wow is it ever early. I don’t remember seeing it come so soon in the year. The tree buds are already coming out on some trees and the grass is already sprouting new greens. Soon the dreaded blackflies and mosquitos will be here. Already seen the odd mosquito flying around. Even though it has been warm out over the last couple of weeks, the snow still comes back from time to time. Winter doesn’t want to let go.

Spring has brought new things to me this year. Aside from doing photography I am also working on restoring an old cedar-canvas canoe. So far it’s fun and frustrating at the same time. Slow process of taking out old dry-rotted cedar ribs and putting in the new ones. Eventually it will be finished and ready for a paddler.

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