The snake that scared my grandmother.

Published on May 9th, 2010
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About a week ago I heard about a snake in the backyard. This one species scared my grandmother one day while she was opening up her pool.

Eastern Garter snake tasting the air with it's tongue.

She went out during one evening to look at why her pool was losing water. She went over to one corner where the temperature box for the solar heater was located and just happened to move a beach ball out of the way and got startled. Laying in a neat coil was a snake. I was not there when this happened but I was told about it. It bolted as soon as she discovered it’s hiding place.

Eastern Garter snake on a large stone of granite.

The next day I heard about a snake again sunning itself on the concrete by the fence gate. So this time I went out to investigate. Bringing the camera along I search around the rocks along the pool and the fence and didn’t see a snake, bug or frog. Just an empty pool.

I opened the gate and there behind the gate laying on the stones was an Eastern Garter snake. I gently picked it up and brought it over to a large rock to photograph it. This was a nice specimen and I am sure I will find some more this summer, or hear about them from my grandmother! Hahaha.

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  1. Carrie Says:

    hey thats pretty funny i could see your grandma jumping and screaming lmao. mind you id do the same damn thing

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