The exhibition is in full swing….

Published on December 1st, 2010

So far everything has been going well for my exhibition at Rails End Gallery. I did get exhibition funding from the Ontario Arts Council that helped with the cost of framing.

On November 6th from 2pm to 4pm there was a meet and greet at the Gallery. A good number of visitors and family showed up and I am grateful to everything that came out to view my work. A total of twelve pieces were displayed, 2 in colour the rest are black and white and of varying sizes.

Also in the local papers there was a mention about my exhibition. The County Voice had an especially good write up about me and the photo exhibit. The write up was in the November 25th edition on page 13.

I have also found out that the gallery has sold two pictures from the exhibition. One was a framed picture of the Rails End Gallery and another unframed print of St. Peter’s Church both at a size of 12×18. Once the exhibition is over the orders will be completed, that is the ones that I have to print off.

As the exhibition is coming to a close I hope that if you have not already been in to see my exhibition I hope you do come into Rails End Gallery and take a browse around. Hope to see your name in the registry!

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